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Amegy Bank Login: How to Sign In & Enroll Account?

Amegy Bank Login and enroll instruction. To access Amegy Bank’s online services, you must first log in. This article will walk you through logging in, setting up an Amegy Bank online account, and regaining access to your account if you lose your password.

About Amegy bank

Amegy Bank of Texas is a Texas-based US bank that was created in 1990 as a subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation. Its headquarters are in the Five Post Oak Area skyscraper in Houston’s Post Oak Park business park. It was Houston’s largest bank in 2005.

About Emgegy Bank

Amegy Bank Login Services

Personal Account


  • Banking on a Budget
  • Checking at any moment. – Checking Interest at Anytime
  • Checking with High Interest. – Checking for Seniors.
  • Checking for Military Advantage.- Premier Examination.
  • Elite Premier Checking.- Card de débit
  • Deposit Interest Rates – Checks should be reordered.
  • Money market. Savings.
  • Money Market IRA. – Savers, young people.
  • Individual CD Accounts – The best money market.
  • Deposit Interest Rates


Cards of credit
  • Cash Card for Agility.
  • The Vivid Rewards Card
  • Card of Clarity
Premium credit cards
  • Credit Card Premier.
  • Credit Card Elite.
  • Credit Card Reserve





Business Account


  • Inspire your business. – Business expansion.
  • Connect for Business. – Commercial Interest.
  • Deposit Interest Rates. – Checks should be reordered.


  • Savings for your company. – Money Market for Business.
  • Sweep of the Business Money Market. – CD-ROM for business.
  • Deposit Interest Rates


Cards of credit

  • Fantastic Cash for Business. – Amazing Business Rate.
  • Amazing Business Reward. – Fantastic Reward Program.
  • Card advertising.

Loans and credit lines

  • Credit lines.
  • Term Loans. – The SBA Loan Program
  • Financing for equipment. – Financing through the community.
  • Factoring/Business Credit – Loan for Business Access.

Amegy Bank Login on Browser Instruction.

You can log in to your Amegy bank account with a browser on your phone or computer. The simple steps to log in are as follows:

Step 1. Access the homepage.

You may look for the bank’s homepage on Google or go directly to the Amegy bank webpage.

Amegy Bank Login step 1

Step 2. Go to the Amegy login page.

Click the Sign-in button in the upper right corner of your screen. Then you’ll be sent to the login page.

Amegy Bank Login step 2
Amegy Bank Login step 2

Step 3. Choose the type of your account

  • For personal accounts: you select the personal section and then fill in the account information including the account and password.
  • For a business account: you go to the business section and enter your login information, including your username and password.

How to log in to your corporate/ mortgage account?

Step 1:

Repeat the previous steps to reach the login page.

Step 2:

log in to your Amegy corporate/ mortgage account step 2

On the login screen, select either Corporate or Mortgage.

You will then be sent to a new login page.

Step 3:

Once you’ve arrived at the Corporate/Mortgage login page, enter your login information, including your account and password, and then click the “Go” button to log in.

log in to your Amegy corporate/ mortgage account step 2

How to log in to Amegy bank account on App?

Step 1. Download the application.

You need to download the Amegy app first.

Amegy Bank App on Google Play.

Amegy Bank App on the App Store.

How to log in to Amegy bank account on App?

Step 2. Open the app

After downloading you open the application. The login screen will appear. You enter your information and select sign in.

Note: If you can’t log in, check the network, caps lock key. If your account is locked, please contact customer support.

How to retrieve your Amegy bank password/ user ID?

On the login page, click the “Need Help” link if you need to change your login details or password. It’s just above the “Sign in” button.

How to retrieve your Amegy bank password/ user ID?

Reset your password

Step 1.

On the “Password Help” part, you choose “Reset Your Password”.

Reset your Amegy password step 1

Step 2.

There are 5 parts for you to fill out your information

  • Username
  • Destination
  • Enter Passcode
  • Verification
  • Create Password

In the username section, you need to provide your Username and Email Address or Phone Number. You click “Submit” button to move to next section.

You continue to follow the instructions until finished.

Reset your user ID

Step 1.

On the “Password Help” part, you choose “Find Login ID”.

Step 2.

There are 3 main parts you need to fill out:

  • Verification
  • Destination
  • Enter Passcode

You must input your Amegy Bank card number and PIN in order to find your Username on the verification section. You click on “Submit” button below after completed.

How to register an Amegy bank account to log in?

How to register an Amegy bank account to log in?

What information do you need to gather before enrolling?

  • ATM or Visa® Debit card number and PIN from Amegy Bank
  • Your Social Security Number’s last four (4) digits
  • Your most recent deposit date and amount

Note: To enroll, business clients can go to a banking location or call Online Banking Support at 888-500-2960.


Step 1. Go to enroll Amegy Bank page

On the login page, you scroll down to “Enroll now”. It’s below the ‘Sign in” button.

Go to enroll Amegy Bank page

Step 2. Fill out the required information

You need to complete these sections:

  • Select Service
  • Authentication
  • Review and Confirm
  • Login Information

Enroll Amegy bank step 2

You can choose 1 of 3 services in the “Select Service” section:

  • Online and mobile banking
  • Direct Connect* (connection to Quicken® or QuickBooks®)
  • QuickBooks® or Quicken® connection + bill payment through Direct Connect*

In the “Authentication” section, you need to fill out the information:

  • Visa® Debit card or ATM
  • PIN
  • Type of Card
  • Choose a Card Type
  • SSN last four (4) digits

When all of the information is entered, you click “Continue” to go to the next section. The final two parts are also made as required. You may open an Amegy Bank account in just a few simple steps.

FAQs about Amegy Bank

Does Zelle work with Amegy?

Yes, To use Zelle®, you must have a bank or savings account in the United States. Zelle® is designed to send money to individuals you know and trusts, such as family and friends. It is not suggested that you use Zelle® to transmit money to strangers. No protection program is provided for any authorized Zelle® purchase by either Amegy Bank/Zions Bancorporation, N.A. or Zelle®.

Does Amegy Bank have a mobile deposit?

Yes, Mobile Deposit is completely free for qualified consumers. The use of data on your smartphone or tablet device could incur fees.

After reading this post, you should be able to log in, register, and restore your Amegy Bank account and password. DO TRUNG DUONG hopes the information above is helpful to you. If you want to contribute to the post, please leave a comment.

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