Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America Routing Number: How to Find It?

Bank of America Routing Number: How to Find It? When you need to complete various banking chores, having your Bank of America routing number handy can help you save some time. This article will summarize the Bank of America routing number.

However, depending on the state in which your account was registered and the sort of transaction you execute, routing numbers can change. DO TRUNG DUONG will show you how you can find your bank’s routing number.

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A routing number: what is it?

Bank of America Routing Number

The American Bankers Association assigns bank routing numbers, which are nine digits that identify a financial institution in a transaction. The first four digits are Federal Reserve identification numbers. The first two of those reveal which of the 12 Federal Reserve Bank districts the location of a bank is, and the next two display which Federal Reserve check-processing facility is assigned to your bank.

The following four numbers, which are assigned to banks similarly to checking accounts, identify your banking institution. The check digit, which is the final number, is derived from the first eight numbers.

The purpose of routing numbers

Routing numbers are utilized in a variety of financial operations. You may require one if you intend to conduct any of the following:

  • Create a direct deposit arrangement or set up automatic bill payment from your Bank of America account.
  • Has money put into your accounts, such as a salary or pension
  • Send a check
  • To pay someone in the US, use an ACH or wire transfer.

Routing Numbers for Bank of America

Use this table to find every routing number that Bank of America provides in every state. You can now quickly locate your routing number.

State Routing Number
Alabama 051000017
Alaska 051000017
Arizona 122101706
Arkansas 082000073
California 121000358
Colorado 123103716
Connecticut 011900254
Delaware 031202084
Florida, East 063100277
Florida, West 063100277
Georgia 061000052
Hawaii 051000017
Idaho 123103716
Illinois, South 081904808
Illinois, North 071000505
Illinois, Chicago Metro 081904808
Indiana 071214579
Iowa 073000176
Kansas 101100045
Kentucky 051000017
Louisiana 051000017
Maine 011200365
Maryland 052001633
Massachusetts 011000138
Michigan 072000805
Minnesota 071214579
Mississippi 051000017
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City 081000032
Montana 051000017
Nebraska 051000017
Nevada 122400724
New Hampshire 011400495
New Jersey 021200339
New Mexico 107000327
New York 021000322
North Carolina 053000196
North Dakota 051000017
Ohio 071214579
Oklahoma 103000017
Oregon 323070380
Pennsylvania 031202084
Rhode Island 011500010
South Carolina 053904483
South Dakota 051000017
Tennessee 064000020
Texas, North 111000025
Texas, South 113000023
Texas, South 111000025
Utah 123103716
Vermont 051000017
Virginia 051000017
Washington 125000024
Washington, D.C. 054001204
West Virginia 051000017
Wisconsin 051000017
Wyoming 051000017


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Wire transfer routing numbers for Bank of America

Wire Transfer Routing Numbers

The ABA routing number associated with your branch location will not operate. Domestic and international wire transfers each require a unique code.
Fortunately, finding your routing number for wire transactions does not require much work. They apply to all Bank of America clients.
Here are some possible codes:

  • 26009593 for domestic wire transfers
  • BOFAUS3N for international wire transactions in US dollars
  • BOFAUS6S for international wire transfers in another currency
  • SWIFT/BIC codes are another name for international wire transfer codes.

If you’re not sure if you need to send money in dollars or foreign currency, use the first SWIFT/BIC indicated above: BOFAUS3N.

ACH routing number for Bank of America

The routing number required by Bank of America will vary depending on the transaction. For receiving ACH transfers and setting up automatic bill payments, you might require different phone numbers.

Bank of America’s ACH routing number is 026009593. ACH numbers, which stand for Automatic Clearing House, are unique to each bank in the United States. Banks and transfer applications like Zelle or Cash App use your bank account number and the ACH number to determine which specific account payments should to be deducted from and delivered to.

The routing numbers that a bank has may vary, but they are never exchanged with other banks. This ensures that your payment reaches its intended destination.

How to receive a wire transfer?

How To Receive A Wire Transfer?

You will need to be aware of a few fundamental details in order to establish up a connection if you need to accept a wire transfer from someone else, whether they are located domestically or abroad.

The paperwork or inquiry required to accept a wire transfer may appear complicated at first glance, but it is actually quite straightforward. Here’s what you should know:

  • Name of the bank: Bank of America, NA
  • Address of the bank: 224 Broadway, New York, NY 10038 (this is the same for all Bank of America customers, no matter where your personal account was opened).
  • BNF/Field 4200 / beneficiary account number: Your unique account number, including any zeros
  • Beneficiary name and address: The same as it appears on your bank statement.

You must provide a separate bank address if you are receiving a wire transfer internationally from a foreign account (any currency besides US dollars).
Wire transfer is the fastest and most effective way to send a sizable sum of money domestically or abroad. You’ll never know when you’ll have to transmit and receive one, so make a note of this information and have it close to hand!

How Do You Get Your Bank of America Routing Number?

There are 5 ways to know your Bank of America Routing number.

On this post

For wire transactions and checking accounts, we have listed the Bank of America routing number above. You can easily view it.

Locating your check’s routing number

Take a look at your checkbook to determine your Bank of America routing number. Your routing and account numbers are printed on the bottom of every check to execute a transaction. The two codes are divided by a symbol that resembles a semicolon and can be found in the bottom left corner of your check.

Routing numbers and account numbers are typically printed on the left side of checks. A routing number is always 9 digits long, therefore you can easily check that you have the correct code by counting the digits.

If you don’t have a checkbook, you can substitute mobile banking for traditional checks.

In your online account, you can find your routing number.

Your Check's Routing Number In Your Online Account

If you use online banking from Bank of America, you may immediately retrieve your routing number by logging into your account.

After logging in, open the desired account (checking, savings, etc.). For controlling the account and sending transfers, there are several tabs at the top. On the far right, select “Information & Services.”

You will see two routing numbers there, one for wire transactions and the other for paper and electronic transfers. Your ABA routing number can be found under “paper and electronic.”

To obtain your routing number, contact your bank.

Getting in touch with your bank or going in person are the two easiest ways to identify your Bank of America routing number.

You can contact Bank of America customer support by dialing 1 (800) 432-1000. To find your routing number, they’ll enquire about a few fundamental things.

You might also go to your nearest Bank of America location and ask a teller for your routing number. They’ll look into your account to discover where you opened it and notify you!

Search on Fedwire

You may look up Bank of America routing numbers using your name, city, or state, or you can verify the one you already have is accurate.

How can I independently verify the Bank of America routing number?

You may quickly locate your routing number if you have a Bank of America check available. The routing number for Bank of America can be found at the bottom of a check. To find it, look at the image below.

Can Bank of America routing numbers be changed?

Can Bank of America routing numbers be changed?

Yes. Depending on the size and number of states served, a bank may be granted more than one routing number. Despite the fact that Bank of America’s headquarters are in Charlotte, other states may need a different routing number for services or branches. If you’re unsure, ask a Bank of America representative to confirm the routing numbers.

FAQs: Bank of America Routing Number

How can I find out the routing number for my savings account with Bank of America?

  1. Access your mobile app.
  2. After transactions, go to the account and scroll to the bottom.
  3. Then select the “Information & Services” tab.
  4. Under “Account Details,” you’ll find the routing number for ACH and wire transfers.

What is the Bank of America Massachusetts Routing Number?

Massachusetts’s Bank of America routing number is 011000138. The ACH routing number in Massachusetts is 011000138, which is also the same.

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